FoodSaver V3240 Review

FoodSaver V3240 is one of the modern and sophisticated vacuum sealing systems. It comes with a very stylish design and some latest automatic functions. This device tends to be the perfect vacuum sealer for foods and leftovers saving. It keeps food fresh up to five times longer than the typical storage system. This FoodSaver can remove all the air and moisture from different kinds of specially-designed and multi-layer bags. So FoodSaver V3240 could be the right choice to buy.

FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System

This food saver comes with different kinds of flexible features. Its key feature is you can adjust sealing speed and other sealing process based on your food types. You can seal dry and moist food by changing sealing level easily.

Although this device is a sophisticated, high functioning modern vacuum sealing system, it is very easy to use. Even people with no technical knowledge could operate this machine. Just follow easy three steps to use the sealing 1. Put your food in the bag, 2 Place open end of the bag on the vacuum channel, 3. close the holder and press vacuum seal button.

User Guide V3240

Fruits and vegetable are very sensitive food. People think that this kind of foods might crush. Don’t worry; FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System gives you a Crush Free perfect vacuum seal.

The FoodSver V3240 comes with a built in Roll holder. Its extra wide sealing strip provides you crush free, airtight and durable vacuum seal. This device comes with a useful bag cutter. You could cut your bags according to your foods size. So you can reduce bag wasting.

Is has an extra large sealing strip that gives you a perfect airtight seal. This vacuum sealing system keeps food fresh up to 5 times longer and prevents freezer burn. You can save up to 2700$ per year by buying foods in bulk and save everyday leftovers.


This Food Saver comes with a very flexible hose port that is compatible with all kinds of food containers. It has a well designed dishwasher-safe drip, easy removable tray to catch liquid things and keeps your kitchen clean and fresh. There are some very useful starter kits comes with this device such as 1) 11″ X 10 ft. Heat-Seal Roll 2)Gallon Heat-Seal Bags 3) Quart Heat-Seal Bags 4) Accessory Hose.

It has a one year warranty including motor and pump damage. But if it is damaged by overheating, improper use and others way which are not related to rule of warranty and replacement conditions, you have to solve it at your cost.

FoodSaver V3240 a well-designed device, and it takes a little space to put it. That’s why this device is very portable. You can place it anywhere top in your kitchen or home.
Its drip tray catches all drips and keeps your kitchen neat and clean all time.
FoodSaver V3240 Sealer gives you five times longer protection of your foods.
It comes with a convenient bag cutter and roll holder.
This device is very easy to operate and maintain.
Very latest technology used on this instrument.
It gives Quick and Crush Free seal.
This device has an extra wide sealing strip.
FoodSaver V3240 seems to be a little of bit flimsy.
The warranty of this product does not cover damage by overheating and others incident like physical damage etc.
This Food Saver comes with only white and black.
Finally, I can say that FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System is a highly functional, well-designed vacuum sealer in an affordable price. This device is not only looking such a beautiful device but also it can give you a quick air-tight and secure vacuum seal. FoodSaver V3240 be will a good choice for those who are looking for a smart vacuum sealer for their kitchen.