FoodSaver FM2100-000 Reviews

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In a survey, we found that almost 30% of raw foods spoilt by lack of knowledge about food packaging and preservation system. To prevent the food spoiling a suitable vacuum sealer is the best option. Also, a good FoodSaver can protect the full flavor, freshness and nutrition of the food.

In our busy life, we haven’t enough time to go market and buy fresh foods for our family. But we all want to eat fresh foods. Because Fresh food is good for health. To keep the freshness of foods and vegetables; a vacuum packaging is the best way. You can keep your foods and vegetable up to five times longer by using a vacuum sealer machine. In our consideration, FoodSaver FM2100-000 is the same kind of vacuum sealer machine that can able to fulfill your desire.

We try to present all features, pros and cons about The FoodSaver FM2100-000 Vacuum Sealer.

One of my friends asked me about FoodSaver FM2110 white vacuum sealer system. Then I took a research with my team on FoodSaver FM2110 vacuum sealer, and I found that the FM2110 is also a smart food-saver system like others from V2000 series.

SoodSaver FM2100 vacuum sealer
FoodSaver FM-2100 is a beautiful home appliance.
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Our editorial rating on FoodSaver FM2100-000 vacuum sealing system

Portability: 4.5/5

In portability test, the FoodSaver FM 2100 obtained full marks because of its high portability. It’s a compact size countertop vacuum sealer 6.6 pounds weight and its overall dimensions are 17.8 x 5.9 x 13.3 inches. So you can move it quickly and keep it on the kitchen counter.

Design: 4.8/5

FoodSaver FM2100-000 comes with a beautiful space saving design. Everyone will love this kitchen appliance for the design. It’s not only a simple kitchen appliance machine but also it will decorate your kitchen.

Functional Versatility: 4.9/5

The FooSaver FM2100 is an excellent versatile tool, especially to crush-free instead vacuum seal. You can vacuum pack all kinds of food, vegetable, meat, fish, fruit, medicine and other essential things which need to protect from bacteria. This vacuum packer also allows vacuum pack all kinds of canister and jars. Especially, when it comes to food marinating the FM2100 is simply a great device.

Ease Of Use: 5/5

This food saver machine is really easy to use and maintain. It has a built-in roll holder and a bag cutter. You can cut your bags according to the need. So there is no possibility of bag wasting.

This is a useful drip tray to contain the wastage liquid. So you can clean the wastage quickly and your kitchen room will be neat and clean.

Maintenance: 4.9/5

The food-saver FM2100-000 has come with all essential accessory. So you have not buy any toolkit for this device. In our research, we have found that this food saver machine is durable and very easy to use and maintain. That’s why we give this machine 4.5 marks for the maintenance.

Warranty and Replacement: 5/5

As like other food saver device, FM2100 has a limited time warranty period. So you can use this food packaging system without any tension. But the warranty doesn’t cover damage from misuse, tampering or others accident.

Our overall rating about FoodSaver FM2100 Vacuum Sealing system:

In our research FM2100 obtained 4.9 out of 5 by its great design, portability, features, maintenance, and warranty. This counter top kitchen tool is suitable for the home use. You can keep your fresh foods up to five times longer by using this food saver machine.

In a survey, we found that a good vacuum sealer machine can save up to 2700$ for a family in one year. Also, it will save your valuable time and energy.

FoodSaver FM2100 sealing system

Special Features Of FoodSaver FM2100:
This modern device comes with the brand new technology. You can save more bag/roll by using this unit than other traditional food saver machine.

This food saver machine comes with a convenient “easy latch and lock operation system.” Just place the open end of the bag on the sealing channel close the latch and press the vacuum/seal button.

FM2100 model has a useful patented removable drip tray. You can clean it quickly and keep your device safe from liquids.

This great packaging device has built-in roll holder and cutter. So you can create a bag as you want. Also, it will save your time and money.

The FM2100 has the wet and dry setting. So you can vacuum pack various types of food, vegetables or fruits quickly. Even liquid things like juice, soup can be vacuum bag comfortably by this.

Food marinating will be fun if you chose a device like this. Because it can marinate foods in minutes instead of hours.

This vacuum sealer machine has an accessory hose port. This accessory hose port is for vacuum seal all kinds of containers, bottles, jars, and cans.


  • FoodSaver FM2100-000 is a great device for saving money and time.
  • Nice design and durable machine.
  • Comes With a built-in bag/roll cutter.
  • Comes with a new and secure latch and lock technology.
  • This packaging device has an accessory hose port to vacuum seal jars and containers.
  • Keeps your food five times longer than an ordinary storage system.
  • Comes with limited time warranty period.

– The FoodSaver FM2100 is a bit noisy when it operates the vacuum seal.

– This food saver machine is not suitable for the commercial use.

Final Verdict:
The FoodSaver FM2100 will be a complete solution for your food storage. This device not only best for the money but also you can save your time and energy by using this unit. One who has no idea about vacuum packaging he/she also can vacuum pack by using “easy latch and lock operation.” So why not you chose a vacuum sealer machine like this for your kitchen.

If you have any query about this unit, please leave your comment on the comment box. We will try to fulfill your query.