Best Chamber Vacuum Sealer-2021

Most probably you’re looking for a suitable Chamber Vacuum Sealer for your kitchen or your small business. That’s why you have come to our , and we are promised to help you to find the best chamber vacuum sealer. You know, Chamber Vacuum Sealing Systems are a little bit expensive than others external vacuum sealers. But so many user-friendly features makes this types machines popular day by day.

While external types machine needs to cool down after some operation, chamber type vacuum sealer can seal 40+ bags in an hour and can continue without cooling down.

There are different kinds of chamber vac-sealer machine available in the market with various brands and models. So it’s tough to choose the best one to someone. That’s why we have spent more than 36 hours to pick 10 top chamber vac-sealer machine for you.

Top Chamber Vacuum Sealer 2017
Surely, every vacuum sealer is not suitable for everyone. When you decided to buy a chamber vacuum sealer, you should keep in mind about the purpose of use, durability, features, dimensions. Sealing type, Price, and warranty. Here is the comparison chart of our Top 10 chamber vacuum sealer:

Product Dimensions Vacuum
Pump Sealing
Type Suitable
For Editor
VacMaster VP112S
VacMaster VP112S 19.5 x 28
x 13 inches Dry, no maintenance pump Single Home use 4.9
VacMaster DUO 550
VacMaster DUO 550 19.5 x 24
x 12 inches Dry, no maintenance pump Single Home use 5.0
VacMaster VP120

VacMaster-VP120_1 9.5 x 16.75 x
19.25 inches Dry, no maintenance pump Single Home use 5.0
PolyScience 300 Series
PolyScience-300 11.8 x 14
x 18.2 inches Dry, no maintenance pump Single Home use 4.8
VacMaster VP215
VACMASTER-VP215 15 x 20
x 14 inches Oil Pump Double Restaurant/
Small Business 5.0
VacMaster VP320
VACMASTER-VP320 19 x 22.25
x 20 inches Oil Pump Double Restaurant/
Small Business 5.0
Sammic SV-306T
Sammic-SV-306T 13.5 x 18
x 15 inches Oil Pump Single Restaurant/S
mall Business 4.8
UltraSource Ultravac 225
UltraSource-903225 19.5 x 25
x 14.3 inches Oil Pump Single Restaurant/
Small Business 4.9
VacMaster VP321
VacMaster-VP321 20.5 x 22.25
x 20 inches Oil Pump Double supermarket/
Large Business/
Food Processing Plant 5.0
UltraSource Ultravac 500
Ultara Vac 500 28.25 X 24
X 52.5 inches Oil Pump Double Supermarket/
Large Business/
Food Processing Plant 5.0
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VacMaster VP112S:
VacMaster VP112SThe VacMaster VP112s is an ideal chamber vacuum sealer for home use or small restaurant. If you want to preserve foods in bulk or want to save your leftovers this device could be your ultimate solution. Especially, VacMaster VP112s has come with some exclusive features to seal the liquid foods like soups, stews, juice, etc. So this countertop appliance ideal for home kitchens, hunters, fisherman, and small restaurants.

√ Dry maintenance-free double cylinder vacuum pump.

√ Special marinade setting helps to marinate foods properly.

√ Large chamber offers to pack more foods quickly.

A little bit expensive.

Require cool down after a period.

It is a bit loud when it is operating.

VacMaster DUO 550:
VacMaster DUO 550The next up on our list is the VacMaster DUO 550 chamber vacuum sealer from VacMaster. The VacMaster DUO 550 has come with the combination of two different technologies. It offers Vacuum Sealing and Suction Sealing to store foods longer in the freezer. Its large size chamber able to provides you a secure and airtight seal and you can also use suction sealing. This device comes with the latest technology. So you can seal wet or dry foods quickly by this machine. I think it would be the best choice for your kitchen.

√ Two popular technology in one device.

√ The crystal plastic lid offers to see things when sealing.

√ Compact size provides easily keep on the countertop

It is a little bit expensive.

Its suction sealing is not okay like others chamber sealer.

DUO 550 is A bit loud when it operates.

VacMaster VP120:
VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum SealerVacMaster Vp120 is an another great countertop chamber vacuum sealer from VacMaster series. This durable machine has come with a beautiful stillness steel body. The double cylinder pump offers you a perfect airtight seal every time. Surely, it’s an incredible chamber vac-sealing device, and that’s why we have kept it into your best ten lists.


√ Dry maintenance free double cylinder pump.

√ Userfriendly compact design.

√ Easy operation.

√ Keep foods five times longer in storage.


Ø This model is a little bit expensive than other standard models.

Ø This sealer is bulky and heavy than other chamber sealers.

PolyScience 300 Series:
PolyScience-300Today, our life is being more sophisticated by the grass of modern culinary appliance. Among them, PolyScience 300 Series is one of the best chamber type vacuum sealer. This unit has come with many user-friendly advanced features. To enjoy the modern cooking methods like and infusion you need a sealing system like PolyScience 300 Series.

√ Wonderful design with large chamber.

√ Maintenance free dry pump.

√ Easy control panel.

√ Operate with an automatic marinade function.

Ø PolyScience 300 Series is a bit expensive.

Ø You have to learn the instruction to work comprehensively.

VacMaster VP215:

The VacMaster VP215 is another top class unit from VacMaster brand. It’s noted for a fast, smooth machine that delivers superior performance. The oil pump offers you a huge number of operation without cool-down the machine. No matter what type of food you want to seal, The VacMaster VP215 will handle it nicely. Especially liquid rich foods, fresh meats, fish, soups, stews, and marinade, any type can remove 99.99% air from the vacuum sealer bag.

√ No need to cool down between seal.

√ Large vacuum chamber.

√ Able to provide 100% airtight seal.

√ Well designed and durable.

Ø VacMaster VP215 is a little bit bulky and cumbersome.

Ø Not so portable because of its 84 pounds.

VacMaster VP320:
VACMASTER-VP320As like VacMaster VP215, the VacMaster VP320 is an excellent creation of VacMaster brand. This device suitable for small restaurant, supermarket, laboratories, and more. If you have to preserve a bulk quantity of food, you can try this. This heavy duty machine specially built for commercial use. Liquid or solid, dry or wet, every type of thing can be seal perfectly by this vacuum sealing machine. We think This device will be the perfect one for your commercial or home use.

√ VacMaster VP320 does not require any cooling down time.

√ Comes with 1.5 HP oil pump.

√ Large chamber with large seal bar.

√ Versatile and durable.

√ Superb design.

Ø The VacMaster VP320 is a cumbersome and bulky than other chamber sealers.

Ø No so portable.

Sammic-SV-306TIn our experiment, we found that the Sammic-SV-306T in an ideal table top packing system for commercial uses. This modern vacuum sealer system offers a huge number of operations without cooling down. This commercial grade unit comes with digital time controlled features. Its 360mm deep-drawn chamber ensures an air-tight perfect vacuum seal, and you can also use it for external vacuum sealing like jar and bottle sealing. We think this vacuum sealing system will never let you down.

√ Comes with Digital time controlled option.

√ Heavy Duty Busch Pump 6m/3h.

√ Beautiful design with Stainless Steel boy.

√ Comes with cordless sealing bar.

Ø It’s a 90 pounds unit. So it difficult to move.

Ø A little bit expensive.

UltraSource Ultravac 225:
UltraSource-903225The UltraSource Ultravac 225 is another commercial vacuum sealing system comes from Ultrasource brand. This chamber tyme vac-sealer has come with a powerful 1.25 HP vacuum pump. Especially 7.25 inches depth chamber offers you a painless vacuum sealing. We are sure that you will impress to see the whole features of this modern stainless steel made machine. So if you have a small restaurant or a grocery shop this unit will be a suitable one for you.


√ Comes with powerful 1.25 HP vacuum pump.

√ Stainless steel body with beautiful design.

√ Easy to operate, ever for a new user.

√ Does not require cooling downing.


Ø Havey weight machine, almost 121 pounds.

Ø Comparatively needs more space than others same grade machine.

Ø A little bit expensive.

VacMaster VP321:

VacMaster-VP321VacMaster VP321 a commercial grade vacuum sealer from VacMaster which is design for medium to high volume commercial use. This large unit has come with two 17 inches seal bars on both sides of the machine, which allows a super speedy vacuum operation. With this device, you can easily pack liquid or solid types foods. So If you have a food processing plant or a supermarket, you can depend on this monster sealing system from vacuum packing.

√ Comes with two 17.25 inches seal bar.

√ Domed type lid creates a 7″ height chamber, which offers spacious accommodation for items.

√ Extra powerful vacuum pump adds a dimension on this machine.

√ Able to seal 16” x 20” bags.

√ Very easy to operate.

Ø It’s a 210 pounds machine. So not so easy to move.

Ø A bit expensive for small commercial use.

UltraSource Ultravac 500:
Ultara Vac 500The UltraSource Ultravac 500 is a commercial chamber vacuum sealing system from UltraSource brand. Science 1883, UltraSource has produced various kinds of processing and packaging appliance to serve the customers. Inconsistency, they have made Ultravac 500 to serve the customers. This industrial grade chamber vacuum sealer has come with a heavy duty 2-horsePower Busch pump, two 18 inches seal bars, large sealing room (19.25″ x 9″ x 28.25″), digital control panel, and many others user-friendly features. This large unit can handle large vacuum packaging workplace like foods processing plant, superstore, and others industrial sectors where needs a huge vacuum sealing task.

√ The UltraSource Ultravac 500 does not require any cooling down period.

√ Comes with a heavy duty two horsepower Busch pump.

√ Large chamber with two 18″ seal bar.

√ Easy to use.

Ø Only suitable for large tasks.

Ø UltraSource Ultravac 500 is a little bit expensive.

Things to consider when buying a chamber type vacuum sealer:
Vacuum Sealer Size:
Size is the first considerable matter when choosing a chamber vacuum sealer. A massive size vacuum sealer machine needs more space than a small one. If your kitchen is so tiny and already gathered with so many others kitchen appliance a small size one would be a right choice. When you are trying to choose a commercial or industrial chamber vacuum sealer size also matters a lot.

Chamber Size:
Chamber size is another important considerable thing to buy a chamber vacuum sealer. Large size chamber can contain more items at a time, Also able to save your time and energy. If you need a huge vacuum seal, you have to select a vacuum sealer with a large chamber. But when you want to seal a small package some modification needs for the larger chamber. So select your device according to your tasks.

Packaging Atmosphere:
ThePackaging atmosphere is an important considerable subject before buying a chamber vac sealer. When packaging fragile foods item you have to confirm that the bag or container not only has to be free of oxygen but also maintain a certain level of puffiness before the sealing operation. Modern chamber type vacuum sealer has come with a gassing-nozzle. It pumps a small amount of nitrogen into the bag or container which is very crucial for fragile type foods.

Liquid Packaging:
Liquid packaging ability is an essential feature of a modern vacuum sealer. But traditional chamber vacuum sealers are not perfect for liquid packaging. If you want to package liquid type foods like soup or graves you have to choose an angular face unit.

Modern Cooking:
Yon can’t imagine a modern kitchen without a chamber vacuum sealer machine. The type tools are perfect for “Sous Vide” or under vacuum cooking. By using a chamber type vac sealer machine, you can keep foods more than five times longer than an ordinary storage system.

Versatility is an important matter to think before buying a machine. Every chamber type vacuum sealer has no external hose attachment to vacuum seal external things like jars and canisters. So before the purchase of a vacuum sealer machine you have to know about all the features of a vacuum sealer.

How Vacuum Chambers Work?
Chamber vacuum sealer is not very hard to operate. One can easily manage this type of machine. After inserting things into the bag, you have to place the open end of the bag on the sealing bar then close the lid of the device. After Closing the lid, the sensor will be active automatically and star sucking air from the chamber. Usually, it takes 5-10 seconds to suck all the air from the chamber and then it seal the bag automatically. After the air-tight seal air returns into the chamber and lid will open to take the sealed bag.

Final Words:
Today, no modern kitchen can’t be imagined without a vacuum sealer machine and its commercial use is increasing day by day. We tried our level best to list the best chamber vacuum sealer for you and described the pros and cons about these machines. Hope our review can help to find the best product for you.