Vacuum Sealer Reviews and Buying Guide – 2017

Welcome to Vacuum Sealer Lab. Probably you’re looking for a vacuum sealer machine for your home or business. That’s why you have come to our site to find the best vacuum packaging system.

You know, Fresh and healthy foods are the precondition of good health. A good vacuum sealer machine can keep foods fresh with all natural subsistence up to five-time longer than the ordinary food storage systems.

For the commercial/industrial use, a suitable packaging system is very essential. If you choose the wrong one, your production will be hampered and you will fail to provide the best product to your customers. So it’s important to select the best device for your money and business reputation.

Our each and every Vacuum Sealer Review contains 100% correct information. We have seen that peoples fall into a confusion to select the best vacuum sealer machine for their home or commercial purpose. That’s why we created the website to help you make a wise decision to choose the perfect one for yours work. Due to limited budget and time, we are unable to buy every vacuum sealer model in the market. But we have tried our level best to provide the actual information about vacuum sealer machines and trying to educate you “How to choose the best vacuum sealer.”

A Commercial/industrial vacuum sealer is not suitable for the home use. In the same way, a home vacuum sealer machine can’t fulfill the industrial needs. That’s why we created this comparison chart especially based on working purpose and a short review of every unit.

Top 10 Vacuum Sealer Machine 2017

Product Name
PerposeDimensionsItem Package
FoodSaver V2244
FoodSaver V2244
Home use17.72" x 5.91"
x 10.64"
4.85 pounds


FoodSaver V3240
Home use18.62" x 9.13"
x 10.71"
9.05 pounds


Seal-A-Meal VS107
seal-a-meal-vs-107 home vacuum sealer
Home use16 x 6 x 8 "5.7 pounds


FoodSaver 4840
FoodSaver 4840
Home use12"x 11"
x 20"
10.9 pounds


Weston Pro-2300
Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer
9" x 15.3 "
x 23"
26.25 pounds


VacMaster VP215
VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
15" x 20"
x 14"
106.35 pounds


VacMaster VP210
vacmaster vp210
19" x 24"
x 19"
106 pounds


UltraSource Ultravac 225
(Food Possessing plant/Big
Packaging )
19.5 x 25
x 14.3 "
121 pounds


VacMaster VP321
(Food Possessing plant/ Big restaurant/Heavy
Packaging )
20.5 x 22.25
x 20"
210 pounds


UltraSource Ultravac 500
Ultara Vac 500
(Food Possessing plant/ Big restaurant/Heavy
Packaging )
28.25 X 24
X 52.5"
353 pounds


FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing SystemFoodSaver V2244 is one of the top class vacuum sealing systems in the global market. This small kitchen appliance has 1-year limited time warranty. It comes with some basic starter kits includes; 11″x10″ Heat Seal Roll, Quart Heat-Seal Bags (3), Gallon Heat Seal Bags (2) and an Accessory Hose. This Food Saver can provide you a speedy, crash-free and air-tight vacuum seal.

This device is cost effective. Its price range is affordable. So it will never hurt your wallet. Also, you will be able to save your money by buying foods in bulk and keeping your leftovers. So I especially recommend you to select this food saver in your buying list. Hopefully, you will enjoy your sealing task by this incredible machine.

FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing SystemFoodSaver V3240 is a well known, top selling and top rated vacuum sealer system in the current global market. Highly automatic features will make your packaging work easy and enjoyable. You will get all needed starter accessory kits with this food saver including (1) 11″x10′ Roll, (3) Qt Heat-Seal Bags, (2) Gal Heat-Seal Bags. This kitchen appliance operates with two vacuum speed and able to provide a Crash-Free instant seal.

This beautifully designed kitchen appliance is space saving and easy to move. You can quickly marinate different types of food by this machine. FoodSaver V3240 comes with 1-year limited time warranty. Although it has many user-friendly features but this food saver’s price is affordable to all. You can try this.

FoodSaver 4840FoodSaver 4840 is the classy one having all the sophisticated features. Foodsaver 4048 made a revolution in vacuum sealing system. This incredible 2 in 1 vacuum sealing system allows different kinds of bags to seal. FoodSaver 4840 comes with a built-in Retractable Handheld Sealer, and Starter Kit includes: (2) Gal Zipper Bags, (3) Qt Heat-Seal Bags,(1) 11″x10′ Roll, (3) Qt Zipper Bags, (2) Gal Heat-Seal Bags. You can quickly set Moist/Dry setting in this food saver machine.

The Convenient roll storage and bag cutter makes it more user-friendly. It also has a one-year limited time warranty. If you want to make your packaging task more enjoyable, pick this food saver for your kitchen. Although it is a highly decorated and featured kitchen appliance but its price will be affordable.

Seal A Meal VS107 Vacuum Sealer

VS107 the best vacuum sealer

When it comes to home vacuum packaging, Seal-A-Meal VS107 is a perfect one. This unit is not only an affordable device for all but also durable. It has one touch sealing button and indicator lights to display the sealing progress. Vs107 has come with a convenient dishwasher-safe drip tray to protect the machine from wastage liquid also keeps your kitchen room clean. Another so useful feature is the accessory port, this post offers to vacuum package various types of mason jars, canisters, bottles, and others type containers. This device also has a powerful motor to run it and a wide seal bar for the different kinds of bags.

It is so easy to operate, even if you have no experience about vacuum packaging before you can work with it and Food marinating will be fun if you have a device like this. This cost-effective tool can save you valuable time as well as can save you money by keeping your leftovers and raw foods. But this device is not suitable with those who want to use is for commercial purposes.

FoodSaver V3460 Vacuum Sealing SystemFoodsaver V3660 is the best vertical designed Vacuum Sealer device in the market. This compact kitchen appliance is one of the most portable and durable sealers with many modern, sophisticated features.

FoodSaver V3460 can detect the bag automatically, and its wide sealing bar is allowing a perfect air-tight vacuum seal. When is comes to food marinating this sealing system is simply awesome. This fully automated food saver comes with a bag cutter, a convenient roll holder, and many other necessary starter kits.

Like other models of 3600 series, FoodSaver V3660 it able to sucking air correctly, and it ensures an air tight seal. This counter-top kitchen appliance not so expensive at all. You can try this.

Weston Pro 2300

VS107 the best vacuum sealer The Weston Pro 2300 is an all rounder vacuum sealer machine, suitable for home or small commercial use. This stainless steel tool has a powerful double piston pump, 5mm wide and 15″ long seal bar to provide crash free vacuum seal every time. It also has a bright LED indicator light and a crystal lid to monitor the sealing process.

You can operate it both manually and automatically. If if you want to run it automatically just set the bag on the seal bar and press the seal button. The manual mode lets you control the vacuum pressure for delicate objects, soft foods, photos, and other types soft and hard things.

You can take this device for your home or small commercial use like small grocery shop or restaurants.

VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

VP215 the best vacuum sealer
The VacMaster VP215 confirms it positions in our best vacuum sealer list by its incredible features, design, and usability. The powerful 1/4 HP rotary oil pump makes this machine faster and dependable. Broad and deep chamber (10*13″*5*) and wide and long seal bar ensure flexibility and secure seal every time.

The stainless steel body and beautiful design make it durable and attractive. It has a digital control panel and indicators to monitor the vacuum sealing process.

This device is suitable for home use, light commercial use (culinary institution, small restaurant, catering, delicatessens), fishers, and hunters.

The downside of this machine is- It is a little bit expensive and heavy unit. Another thing it, you have to change the pump oil after a certain time of use.

VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

VP210 the best foodsaver machine

The VacMaster VP210 is a powerful packaging device specially designed for the bulky packaging. This allrounder culinary appliance not only suitable for professional use but also home use. If you are a hunter or fisher, this device will make your life easier then before. At the same way, grocery shop and restaurant owners can use it for their business.

Stainless steel construction makes this device more sturdy and durable. With a dry maintenance free machine pump, it can vacuum seal quickly and perfectly. It has 10″ long retouch able seal bar with double seal wire with feature ensure 100% crash free seal. This device also has a digital control panel with an indicator to know the vacuum presser and process. It has a large chamber covered with a domed, crystal lid, and it allows to see the entire thing inside the vacuum chamber.

Many people complain that this packaging device is expensive and not affordable for all. Other hands it’s a giant machine, so have to face problem to move it. But its packaging performance is just awesome. That’s why it’s a top rated machine in the market and has a place in our top 10 list.

UltraSource Ultravac 225:

Ultravacu 225 the best commercial vacuum sealer

The UltraSource Ultravac 225 has qualified in our every test and obtained excellent rating point. This tabletop chamber sealing system is suitable for medium to the large commercial packaging industry. It can manage a restaurant to food processing plant comfortably.

This mighty sealer comes with a powerful 1.25-hp Busch pump to deliver perfect seal every time. It comes with a 19.5″ x 16.75″x 7.25″ large chamber to package more food at a time. It can perform three cycles in a minute with a 16-inch large seal bar. You can use maximum 16″ x 20″ pouch on this machine.

This chamber vacuum sealer also comes with a durable stainless steel construction. The patented lid hinge system makes this machine more user-friendly and sustainable than other units.

This device has an easy control panel to operate it. It allows controlling vacuum pressure as per your need. Besides, you can change the moist and dry setting to pack various types of foods, fruits, vegetables, soups, meat, poultry or fish. When it comes to clean this device, it’s really easy.

UltraSource Ultravac 225 has passed all tests with a great rating. You can pick this device for your medium or large commercial purposes. But this expensive device is not suitable for small commercial or home use.

VacMaster VP321 Chamber Vacuum Sealing System:

VacMaster-VP321 the best commercial vacuum sealer

The VP321 model is one of the best inventions from VasMaster brand. This unit is specially designed for large-scale operation. It’s an ideal system for the large grocery shop, big restaurant, super shop, food processing center, or laboratories.

It’s a beautifully designed machine with stainless steel construction. This tabletop device comes with a large vacuum chamber that can contain up to 16″ x 20″ pouch easily. So you can pack more food at a time with this device.

This unique device has two 17 seal bar each side. Engineers designed this device to save time and energy. With double seal bars, this machine can seal multiple pouches and different types of foods at the same time.

The VP321 model comes with a powerful 1.5 HP pump to run the system. This vacuum pump is durable and enough to serve a food processing plant. This device also allows changing the vacuum pressure as per food types.

With all modern features, the VP321 is easy to use. It has a user-friendly control panel to operate it.

The downside of this machine is: It’s a bulky device, almost 210 pounds. So it would be a hassle to move this machine, and this expensive unit is not affordable for all.

What is a Vacuum Sealer?

A vacuum sealer is a kind of machine that can suck/remove air from different types of bags, bottle, containers and able to provide air-tight heat seal. You can say It a heat sealer machine.

Types Of Vacuum Sealer:

There are different types of vacuum sealer machines in the market. But we categorized these into two kinds. We classify these devices based on how they suck the air from the bag and how they seal the bag. Let’s have a talk about the variety of vacuum sealers.

We can divide it into two types-

  • External Vacuum Sealer/Food Saver:

The External vacuum sealer is one of the best vacuum sealers for personal use. This kind of food saver machine used for storing groceries, meats, and leftover foods. If you want to buy foods in bulk and want to save these, this kind of food saver could be perfect for you. You can store all sorts of foods five times longer by using a food saver machine. These type of devices are easy to operate. So you don’t need much technical knowledge to handle them. It is a small kitchen appliance so that you can put it on the kitchen counter top easily.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer is suitable for industrial work and small businesses. For personal use, it will be too bulky or expensive. These type of machines are very efficient for heavy duty work. Chamber Vacuum Sealer is more speedy than other types of vacuum sealer. These types of sealers can suck all the air and oxygen from the sealing bag. For oxygen sensitive products, chamber vacuum sealer is very effective. External Food Saver needs to cool down after a couple of sealing. But chamber vacuum sealer can seal up to 45 bags in an hour and can continue without a break. Although this type of sealer has many advances but some customers, give a negative review about these kinds of products. They say that Chamber vacuum sealer takes more place than other types of sealer, and it is a little bit expensive.

Based on various functional points and usability there are two kinds of Food vacuum sealer/food saver are available in the market as well. .Those are:

  • Clamp Vacuum Sealer:

Clamp Vacuum Sealer is a common type of vacuum sealer for personal use. Clamp Vacuum Sealer comes with an external clamp, and it needs a unique type of textured bag for sealing. If every day our leftovers are goes into the trash, and you want to save your food and money, this kind of food saver is essential for you.

  • Retractable Nozzle Vacuum Sealer:

Retractable Nozzle Vacuum Sealer is one of the most common type vacuum sealers machine for both commercial and personal use. This type of Sealing System has a retractable nozzle to seal a bag. Retractable Nozzle Vacuum Sealer System doesn’t require the particular textured bag for sealing. You can quickly pack different types of things by this device. If you have a small business or want to preserve your products in bulk these types of sealer would be your solution.

Why should you buy a Vacuum Sealer?

Aluminum foil, Tupperware, Plastic wraps and zip lock bags were the popular way to storage foods and other kinds of rotting things. However, none of them can protect foods for a long time. After a short period, things are gone wrong in these saving methods. That’s why these first sealing devices kicked in. With This machine, you can preserve your all kinds of foods and rations much longer time without affecting its actual quality and taste. Vacuum Sealer sucks all the air and moisture from the sealing bags and all kinds of jars. Therefore, food remains fresh up to 5 times longer than typical food storage system.

In the present age, cooking is becoming more modernist. New cooking technic like “sous vide” cooking needs a vacuum sealer to do the process. If you want to up to date with modern cooking technic, you have to use a vacuum packing machine.

Furthermore, Freezer Burn is a big problem when you store your food in a refrigerator. If air can reaching into the foods bag, foods will damage by dehydration and oxidation. So an air-tight heat-seal is very much needed for protecting foods from the freezer burning. If you store meat, fish, and poultry in bulk and want to keep fresh and freezer burn free vacuum sealer is the solution.

This versatile machine is not only used to preserve foods. But also, you can wrap many kinds of things like magazines, envelopes, artifacts, etc. And protect these from dust and humidity by this machine.

Tips and Tricks For Choosing The Best Vacuum Sealer:

To Choose the right vacuum sealer for your kitchen or industrial work you have to know some basic things about these devices. There is a checklist before buying a vacuum sealer system. If you follow these things correctly, you will be able to buy the right vacuum sealer for your work.

  1. Portability and Build Quality:

    When you choose a vacuum sealer for buying Build Quality and Portability is the first and foremost point to consider. The Durability of a Vacuum Sealer System depends on its build quality. Its design also plays an important role. Stainless Steel is more durable than plastic. So when you think to buy a packaging machine, you have to know about its building materials. Many users say that portability is the first considerable matter when you make your decision. An easily portable machine will make your task easier.

  2. Features: Before buying a vacuum sealer machine, please know all the features of the unit. Some device is fully automatic; some are entirely manual, and some machine have both option. Every packaging system can’t allow zip lock bag and has not accessory hose port. So before buying you have to know all the features of the device.
  3. Heating Bar Quality and Vacuum Strength:

    To choose a vacuum sealer system, one of the important factors is heating bar quality. Perfect air tight seal depends on a quality heating bar. Another most important matter is vacuum strength. A quality food saver system able to suck the air from the bag around 28hg vacuum pressure. If you buy a cheap machine, it will be unable to perform proper vacuum sealing. So you have to pay attention these tow important factor when you choose vacuum sealer to buy.

  4. Orientation:

    Orientation is one of the most vital factors of a vacuum sealer. There are many kinds of vacuum sealer machine in the marketplace with different orientations. You have to decide that what kind of device is perfect for your work. The Vertical design allowing to vacuum packing various types of jars, can, bottle and much more kinds of containers. This type of device designed for saving space. Also, there are many flat designed vacuum sealer system in the market. We can choose a flat design machine according to your need.

  5. Operation and Maintenance:

    Depending on brand and design there are some variations in the operation system. When you choose a vacuum sealer to buy, make sure that is easy to operate. This types of machines are not so hard to run, but there is some critical device in the market those are not user-friendly. Another important matter is sealing speed. A speed sealing machine will be able to save your valuable time. So choose a device which will be easy to operate for every member of your house and easy to maintain.

  6. Sealing Process:

    There is a variety in the system of vacuum sealing. Some devices allow the automatic sealing process, and some are not. All the vacuum sealers are not able to suck the air in the same way. Also, a vacuum sealer doesn’t allow all kinds of sealing bag. So you have to decide what kind of sealer suitable for your work.

  7. Accessories and Extra Features:

    When buying a vacuum sealer for your kitchen or factory, you have to pay attention to the accessories such as hose, different types of food saver containers, sealing packages and many more essential tools. Most of the models come with these necessary tools. So you have to make sure that is every tool included in the vacuum sealer’s box which is needed to start your sealing job. Vacuum Sealers are being sophisticated day by day with modern science, and many extra features are coming in this machine. Choose one which has many additional features.

  8. Warranty:

    If you want to use a machine tension-free warranty is the best solution. Most of the machines come with one year warranty. But some brands give two or three years limited warranty, and few do not provide any warranty. So, before buying a vacuum sealer try to know about the warranty.

Final Words:

Today vacuum sealer is an essential kitchen appliance all over the world. You can’t imagine a modern kitchen without a vacuum sealer system. A vacuum sealer can save your money, time, and energy. You can keep your foods fresh up to five times longer without losing the quality and taste. It is necessary not only food preservation but also different kinds of things those get damaged in the touch of air or oxygen. To buy the best vacuum sealer for your kitchen, small business or factory you have to follow are instruction as given. We did our level best to inform you. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this. Thank you again for visiting our site and for reading this post.